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Materials & Processes

A-TEC can help in making the right selection of material and manufacturing process which is instrumental in determining how a design will perform, its durability and its manufacturing cost. Furthermore the selection of material and manufacturing process can be a major element of competitive advantage.

Functional and quality requirements, projected life cycle, production volume and in-house or supply base facilities and expertise are prime factors to consider when selecting a material and manufacturing process. ATEC are able to evaluate these factors using a combination material databases, software tools and experience within its engineering team.

Pump and Valves Selection and Sizing

A-TEC is Expert in Pump Design, Industry Codes and Standards for Pump Selection and Process Requirements Parameters. A-TEC is Expert in Valve Standards. We have wide experience of valve failure analysis. We are able to offer valves selection, design and inspection.

Gearboxes and Splines
A-TEC is experienced in gears and splines design and analysis. Wide experienced in gears & splines lubrication and failures analysis

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Bearings Selection and Failure Inspection

A-TEC highly skilled and have a high level of expertise in rolling element bearings (ball and roller bearings) and fundamentals of mechanics of rolling contact. Our engineers have a wide experience of bearing failure analysis, supported by design evaluation of machine. This is including high speed, high power aerospace electric motors and generators.

We are able to offer bearing selection and inspection. In some failure cases the bearing may be the route cause and in other cases it may be a symptom. The problem must be viewed as a whole.