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Expert Witness             
Very experienced and credible expert witness who has strengths lies in ability to simply explain complex technical issues in layman's language and identifies and focuses on key points of disputes.
Simulation & Analysis

A-TEC have a massive wealth of experience with analysis tools. This is to support our clients with the most challenging scenarios. As a consultancy we will be delighted to undertake basic, advanced and complex simulation. Therefore, we are equipped for any challenging and complex simulation and analysis in the following fields.

Design Services

The Engineering Design team at A-TEC strives to offer services in order to help clients to deliver their projects. Our design team offers compromise of innovation balanced with robust engineering robust engineering practice. Our work is based on combination of creativity, robust engineering definition and project management in order to ensure a component or assembly will function correctly throughout its entire design life, under all specified conditions and can be manufactured cost effectively.

A-TEC uses 3D CAD system in order to create design concepts and to form the base of information to support manufacturer. Our CAD tool sets is operating with data management environment that can be used in concurrent engineering that allow the CAD data and models to be shared and exchanged across multi-disciplined of the engineering teams with confidents that every team is accessing the correct data information.