Training Courses

Companies strive to improve their profitability and a key element in achieving this is to ensure they get the most out of their CAE tools. The effective application of these tools has a major impact on how components and assemblies are defined and subsequently manufactured, thereby affecting product development and ultimately the cost of engineering.

Our trainers are qualified engineers who use these tools daily within our own engineering business. As a result, our training courses have been developed to suit engineers based on our own experiences:

  • Stress analysis – Numerical simulation and Analytical solution- linear and non -linear problem
  • CFD- Numerical simulation and Analytical solution
  • Mechanical and Materials Failures mode – Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue and Creep
  • Vibration and dynamic impact loading- Numerical and Analytical simulation
  • Bearing selection, bearing lubrication and life time calculation
  • Gear design,  selection and calculations

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